Our Story

Once upon a time, in a world of parental revelations, lived a woman (me) who vowed she'd never be 'the backpack mum.' I'd never seen a mum carrying a backpack that actually looked good, so decided that life was not for me. Then daycare happened, and I was quickly humbled. 

After realising I couldn't get away with not having one, I scoured the earth for a backpack but couldn't find what I was looking for. So in a blaze of desperation, That's My Backpack was born.

Female-founded and run locally in WA, our backpacks are meticulously designed to the highest level of quality, functionality and aesthetic. We also support Perth-based embroiderers because you guessed it, I can't sew. 

That's My Backpack mission is to create backpacks that look so good you'll forget the agony of carrying it. I hope you love the range and would love to hear what you want to see next, come say hi on our socials!


Much love,

Frances x